Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - You're A Stuck Hand Humping Stroking Zombie Gooner Boy

Date: 2 December 2022
Time: 00:13:41
Video: mp4 | 1920*1080
Size: 1,01 GB
Mandy Marx!Were going to do something a little different today. Were going to do an exercise in entertainment. Im going to turn you into a stroking little mesmerized hand humping zombie. But it doesnt normally work on the average person. It takes a real beta to sink into it. So put your hand on your cock and stroke for me, little beta boy. Im creating the illusion that you do in fact have a choice here but you dont. Your broken brain will always obey my commands. Good boy, keep stroking that cock for me. Your mind might be getting fuzzy and confused, that can happen when your brain is broken and youre edging your cock. Now dont lose focus, dont get lost, I want you to stay here with me. Oh no, youre not a stroking little stuck zombie goon boy. Youre not fully glazed over and just stuck stroking and do whatever I say. You could still have a little free will. Or can you? Do we already have you just as stuck as you need to be? Are you a stuck little zombie stroking gooner boy? Good. If youre a stuck little beta zombie stroking goon boy, then I want you to do what stuck little stroking zombie goon boys are good for, and that is stroke. Good. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Now youre fully under my control. Now I want you to hold your hand stationary and fuck your hand with your hips. I want to make you into my hand fucking little beta boy. So I need you to start fucking your hand for me really good. Now while you desperately fuck your hand, can you tell me that youre definitely not a little stuck boy? Say it, Im definitely not a gooning zombie stroke boy. Just tell me the truth. You want to hump but you keep stroking, you want to stroke but you keep humping. You wanna stroke, you wanna hump. Stroke. Hump. Hand humper stroke boy. Lost little gooning hand humping stroke boy. Lost . Hump that hand for your Goddess. Hump your hand. I told you that you wouldnt get mesmerized as long as you werent a little beta boy to start. Its true. Now I want you to spread your legs wide and stroke. Just watch me and listen to me, just hear the sound of my voice. Just stroke for me. Just be here for me. Goon for me. Because the truth doesnt come in the words. Its all the little sounds and pauses in between them. Im definitely not a stroking zombie beta boy. Im definitely not a hand humping zombie. Stroke for me and tell me what you are again. Pump, pump, pump. All you have to do is touch your cock, I promise I will do the rest. Not like you could stop anyway. Or could you? I will do all the thinking for you. All you have to do is pump and hump your hand. Your brain is already desperate, youre already stuck, youre already my little beta boy. Just stay right there on the edge. Stay completely lost. Stay stroking. Stay mine. Whos zombie are you? Youre Mandys. Pump. Be mine. Be close. Stroke to me. Be lost to me. Now when you leave this trance, you might feel a little self conscious, thinking you looked silly and did things you normally would not do. Im just going to implant the reassuring thoughts that you definitely didnt look like a silly little desperate beta boy. You definitely didnt make silly little stroking faces. You definitely didnt look like a little horny humping freak in the corner. You definitely didnt look like a silly little beta boy. Now just remember that this is just a silly little game because it only works on little desperate beta boys. Is being confused hot? Yes, it is.
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