DarlingJosefin - Sharing Your Hot Slut Wife

Date: 17 November 2022
Time: 00:29:54
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Last week, my husband admitted that he has a fetish ... he loves the idea of watching me have sex with other men. We roleplayed it, with him pretending he was the guy I was cheating with, and it was the best sex ever! Now my husband has a surprise for me. He's invited his friend over and he wants me to seduce and have sex with him. I'm so excited! I love the idea of being a hot, slutty wife that gets shared with my husband's friends. The friend comes over and I immediately start to seduce him, showing off my cleavage and pointing out that my thong is showing. Hubby suggests I entertain the two men with a dance. I assure the friend that my hubby is perfectly okay with him looking at my hot body so he agrees. My sexy dance turns into a striptease and a lap dance, where I can feel the friend getting hard underneath me. It turns me on so much. I need to fuck him right now! I ride him hard while my husband watches. I even let him creampie me! When he's done, I turn to my hubby again. I'm so happy he let me do that. That guy's cock was so huge and he came so much! It was incredible! But now it's hubby's turn to reclaim what's his. I get on top of his cock for sloppy seconds and ride him slow, telling him all about how great the sex was with his friend. But hubby needs to remind me who my pussy really belongs to. He throws me onto the bed and fucks me hard until he creampies me too, taking two loads in just a few minutes. That was AMAZING, hubby! I love being your hot slut wife!
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