Humiliation POV - Princess Miki - Propaganda Machine - Trapped In My Loop

Date: 20 October 2022
Time: 00:09:47
Video: mp4
Size: 721,36 MB
Princess Miki! This is a brand new remix of Hyperdose On Princess Miki! You will absolutely lust after Princess Miki's body in this clip! You're already drooling, aren't you? The audio of this clip contains multiple layered voice tracks, ear to ear brain candy, and whisper tracks. This clip is filled with Princess Miki propaganda that will indoctrinate you all over again!Are you ready to pump all night for me, little gooner? You're just a little addict. You're hopelessly addicted. I'm going to get you fucked up on me. I'm going to fuck your mind. You are just a little machine and I'm downloading my propaganda to your brain. And you are just going to goon like the little goonbot you are. I'm planting triggers while you're stuck in this digital vortex that I've created for you. I'm going to make you my little jerk puppet. I'm going to reprogram you to my liking. You're stuck in this loop. I want you to forget everything. You're addicted to porn. This is what I want to do to you. Addicted to the goon trance. This is what I am doing to you. You're stuck in this loop. I'm erasing you.I wanna erase your mind. I wanna reprogram you. I wanna condition you, turn you into my little mindless goonbot. Stroke that cock and go deeper into subspace. Get to that goon trance, little pervert. Just stroke. You're stuck in this loop. Ride that edge like a good little gooner. Like a good little drone. You're stuck in this loop. Stroking and stroking. Just goon all night. Don't think. Just goon little puppet. Goon because it feels good. Goon because you're too stupid to think. Goon because it's what you were born to do. You weren't born to think, you were born to have your mind fucked by me. I'm injecting you with my propaganda, a virus you cannot cure. You are addicted and all you can do is pump. Pump for me, you little pump slave. That's all you want to do anyway. for me. You're my perfect little pump slave. Pumping. Pump it. Don't look away. You have to stare. You have to stroke. You have to edge. You wanna stare and stroke. You wanna endlessly edge. You want to goon. You need to goon to me, don't you my mindless little goonbot? You don't want this to end. Cumming is the last thing you want to do. You wanna be my mindless little goon drone. No brain. Just pumping. Just drooling. Twitching. Throbbing. You don't need a brain. You don't need to think. You need to goon. Just melt. Just let go and let me fuck you up little pump drone. Little robot. Little puppet. Pump it for Miki. No more thinking, just gooning. You're my little pump machine. You don't have a brain. You just pump. Your hand is attached to your cock and you can't let go, can you? You don't want to let go. You just wanna be my little pump machine. No brain. No thoughts. Just a horny rock hard cock.Say goodbye to your thoughts, say goodbye to your ego, just get dumber for me. Get dumber for my body. Say goodbye to your brain, my little addict. You're hooked. You're my little addict. Addicted to me. You love how I make you stroke, how addicted I make you. You're addicted to Miki. You're addicted to being my little goonbot. You obey Miki. I am your porn. You'll never be able to quit me because I won't let you. You'll never quit because you just want to stroke it for me. Stroke it for me. Pump to my body. You don't want to cum, you just want to goon. You wanna worship me. Worship Princess Miki. Princess Miki is rinsing your mind. Now stroke some more. Keep gooning for me. Just let me control you. All you wanna do is goon. All you wanna do is let your mind melt. Your hand is fused to your cock and there's nothing you can do about it. You're trapped. This won't end. You won't escape. So just keep gooning. You'll be forever stuck in this loop.
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