Princess Ivory - Sock Boy JOI

Date: 4 November 2022
Time: 00:10:18
Video: MP4 * 1920x1080
Size: 339 MB
You should not have told Ivory that you get off to socks. Now she isn't going to let you see her bare feet ever again. She will make sure to always keep her socks on around you. She is going to tease you relentlessly with these sweaty socks that once used to be white. Now all you can see is the sweat stains and dirt stuck into them when she puts them in your face and makes you worship! Smelly socks are the only thing you are allowed to get off to ever again, sock boy! You have some worshipping to do for her socks before you can start stroking, so start sniffing sock boy. You don't need pussy or bare feet to cum. Just a dirty pair of socks will get you hard and horny.
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