Tsarina Baltic - Encouraged To Lock Up

Date: 15 January 2023
Time: 00:08:35
Video: mp4 | 1920*1080
Size: 634,52 MB
You'd think having a small dick would already encourage you to use it less or at least, be less obsessed with it. But no, you're predictably pathetic and it shows, I hate unruly cocks, doesn't matter the size... If you jerk for me, I own that cock, that pleasure, those twitches, they all are mine, including your orgasms... So of course, I would rather see them all nice and tight, locked up in a metal cage. I think a cage is the best option for you. Oh it would absolutely suit you, there are just so many benefits to giving me your only key... like how it would be close to my heart, fit snuggly in my cleavage
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