Harley LaVey - Not Man Enough

Date: 15 January 2023
Time: 00:10:06
Video: MP4 * 1920x1080
Size: 421 MB
We met at the club one night and as I am dancing up against you I couldn’t help but feel how hard your cock was inside of your pants. Naturally I got so excited at the idea of having mind blowing sex that I decided to take you back to my apartment. Once we arrive, I change into some sexy lingerie and start encouraging you to get naked and hop into the bed with me, but before you can even get naked…I notice something. A wet spot, front and centre on your jeans. Could it be? A cum stain? Did you just prematurely ejaculate? I guess big dicks are just as worthless when they belong to losers like you, and I’m about to make you soak your jeans all over again while I humiliate you.
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