Miss Amelia - Dopamine Overload For Dopamine Addicted Goon Drones

Date: 14 January 2023
Time: 00:10:00
Video: MP4 * 1920x1080
Size: 807 MB
Miss Amelia! This clip has a heart pounding soundtrack that will have your heart racing!You will never be able to escape. Your junkie obsessed little brain will never allow you to quit. This is a life consuming addiction, gooner. You are stuck here, forever. Your mind will be completely melted, as you goon yourself stupid. Let all of your thoughts slowly drift away. Just pump. Pump to feed your addiction. Pump until there's nothing left inside of your brain. You only feel true pleasure when you lose all control. Go mindless. Pump. When you lose control, when you goon, when you pump, you pump dopamine right into your brain. So keep pumping, pump until there's a dopamine overload, until the pleasure consumes you completely.Pump for me. You want to remain deep in the bliss of masturbation. You just want to goon until your brain turns to mush. So keep gooning. No brain. You are a dopamine drone. You can't stop. You can't resist the temptation. You have to pump. I know just how horny you are. I know how helplessly addicted you are. I know just how stupid you are. Each pump of your hand, milks your brain out of that cock. Making you dumber, and dumber with each pump. But you don't care at all. You have to keep pumping. You are a drone. You have to keep gooning.You are trapped in an endless gooning cycle. You are a helpless gooner. No cumming, just pumping your brains out. All you want to do is pump, and pump, and pump. Pump until your nice and dumb for me. You want to be my dopamine drone. You are trapped gooning to my perfection. Just give in. Don't think. Just goon. Pump for me. Lose your mind. Forget your life. I am all you need. You have no thoughts. Don't think. Just melt. Just pump more dopamine into your brain. Feel all of your self control begin to crumble away, you can't stop. You have no brain. All you can do is pump.Gooning is your purpose, drone. You're helplessly addicted to it. All you want is this pleasure. You belong to gooning. You are trapped. You are a dopamine drone. You are stuck, with your hand on your cock. You can't stop. Ride that edge. Forget your life. Just goon and go blank. Pump harder. Pump out those brain cells. You're helplessly addicted. Lose control. You need to feed your addiction. Goon for me. Feel the dopamine rush. You were designed to be a mindless dopamine drone for me.Pump for me, my mindless dopamine drone. You can't stop. You don't want to stop. You just want to go deeper. You want to feed your addiction. You don't want to stop. You just want to pump. You are helplessly addicted. You are just a goon brained dopamine drone. is your purpose. You are helplessly addicted. You don't want to stop. You're trapped. You're a dopamine drone.
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