Mandy Marx - Mandy's Cuck Fluffer Fulfill Your Purpose

Date: 14 January 2023
Time: 00:10:08
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Let's put that collar on so I can hold you with my leash. I know you won't fight me on this because you want it so badly. I'm going to lead you around and make you do all of my tasks, you're going to be my cuck collared slave. And I know you're going to keep coming back for this, but in order to ensure that, every time you come in you're going to tribute me for the next session so you're already booked for the next one before the current cuck session begins. That's how I'm going to keep you hooked. And if you don't, I'll stop responding to your emails. I can stop at any time and I know that's worse to you than any amount of blackmail, my collared sub. The lack of my attention is worse than any other punishment.You just have to sit around in your collar, leashed to your desires, following my every command or I'm going to stop. I'm going to stop responding. So no matter what I say, you're going to obey. Understood? So for your first task I'm going to need you to clean the sheets and make my bed. I have a bull that's coming in and I want everything to look perfect for him.And when he comes you're going to be in the room, right here, making sure that we are happy and comfortable. You're going to watch us fuck and attend to our every need. You're going to ask him what you can do to make him more comfortable. You're going to be very attentive towards him. I think his cock needs some lube so I want you to lube up his cock, make sure his huge shaft is covered with lube, rub it all over his cock. You're going to be his fluffer. That's a good cuck, now you are fulfilling your purpose here.I want your face really close to the action, maybe you can even help me slide down onto his huge bull cock. And then, lucky you, you get to watch me get fucked over and over and over again. And if I don't feel like I'm getting fucked hard enough you can grab my shoulders and push me down harder onto his cock. Isn't that what you're good for?And I love it when I'm getting fucked really hard and I forget that you're there, but then I hear the jingle of your collar as your chin rests on the bed and your head is bouncing up and down as a result of us fucking. I hear that jingle and know that you are there being made to watch. You get to watch his huge bull cock fill me up knowing you'll never fuck me or anyone ever again because I've got your head all twisted up to think that this is sex for you. This is sex for you, being cucked is your sex. You don't even want real sex, do you cuckie? You just like to watch.All you want to do is be useful to me, to us. That is what drives you, that is what makes your cock hard. That is your purpose. Your purpose is to watch us, to help us, to cater to us, and to clean up when we're done. And you're so lucky that I gave you this purpose, aren't you?
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