Mandy Marx - Addicted Zombified Gooner - If You're Thinking You're Not Gooning

Date: 13 January 2023
Time: 00:12:01
Video: MP4 * 1920x1080
Size: 884 MB
Need help with your Mandy Marx addiction? I understand. You all end up back here. You're trying to hold back. I don't blame you. I thank you. If it wasn't for you, all the subs who love my clips, without you, what is a Goddess? Without slaves there is no master. This is a little clip for Mandy Marx addicts, one with you in mind. Try. Try to resist me. I'm going to let you try to hold back, I'm going to let you try to take your hand off of your cock. Go on, try. LOL! Oh no, you can't? You can't take your hand off of your cock? That's ok, that's a problem for tomorrow. Right now you're here with me. And I want you to pump. I know I make your brain a little bit foggy while you pump to me. It's ok, all boys get a little foggy around me. I know you daydream about me. You can't stop thinking about me throughout the day. That's ok, you're not alone. Lots of boys use me as a distraction. I know I make you horny. And all you can think about is me. It can happen at any time, in the middle of the day, or at work. You think about my face, that secret you know that I have, and then you need to pump. Pump to me. That compulsion that I freed, that I yanked and cultivated right out of you. It's coming out of you.Jerking off used to be a little pastime, didn't it? It used to be so easy, you'd sit down and watch a little porn, watch a little joi, wait for me to say 'Go' or 'Stop'. But you don't jerkoff like that anymore, do you? No, one hand pumping for me and the other hand on your keyboard, trying to make a sentence about this new idea of how you wanna watch me, do the exact same thing, but different. Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump. "Goddess, you control me." Don't you see? It's you. You. You dictate this entire culture of gooning and pumping. It's you. You suggest videos and then I make them. And then I perfect them. It's your desire to be controlled. Mindless at your computer, pumping for hours, timing it because you're a gooner and you have to know how many hours pumping to my videos, seeing how many you can watch in a row. And when you get really close to the edge you have to pull back and stop. Because I told you to, through a screen. It's true. I am that powerful. I just tiptoe into your mind during the day, and I control you at every moment, even when you're not aware. I understand that you can't help it, can't help but goon out and simp to your Goddess. And that's exactly what I make you do. So pump for me. I want you to get really close but you know I'm not going to let you cum. I need you to stay zombified. You're so distractible. Even when you're stroking for hours and hours. That little mind wanders. To what I want and what I say. And what I say is pump. Pump. Thinking is not part of your equation. Your part of this equation is pumping. Pump boy. Pump for your Goddess.No cumming. When you start to get to thinking it means you're not gooning hard enough. When you have the energy to have one hand on your keyboard you're not gooning hard enough. Goon harder. How often are you gooning? This is what I want you thinking about when you're not gooning. But not while you're gooning, now you're here with me so goon for me boy. Goon. How many hours can you goon? That's how many hours I'm going to make you goon. Stroke. Get close. Whether you spill and keep going or just keep holding back, teasing and denying yourself, it doesn't matter when you're in my gooning device. Just goon.
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