Mandy Marx - Pump Those Forearms - Femdom Workout

Date: 13 January 2023
Time: 00:11:31
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Hey my little eager jerkoff boys, welcome to your gym. Any room can be a gym for you. We're going to work your cock and your forearm. What we're going to do first is to slowly warm up the forearms. So grab your cock And pump. The key is to start with a smaller motion, and then when I count you down, we're going to go even faster. Just follow along with me, your instructor. Faster and faster and now... switch hands. Start out slow with your other hand, nice and easy, pump it. And then speed up, really fast. I'm sure it feels a bit strange as you're so used to using your other hand. Faster. Faster. Now stop. Good boy.You're my little subby bitch and I'm here to teach you that femdom makes you better. So you need to be very obedient and obey and follow my every command and my every motion. Now let's stroke again and get that heart rate up. Pump. Pump. Pump for me jerk sluts. Work your forearms. But no cumming. No orgasms today. Only edging. Remember femdom makes you better. Now I'm going to do a few other exercises with you. You can follow along or you can keep working your forearm and just watch me exercise in this cute little outfit lol.Keep going bitch. Use good form to get the full benefits of this exercise. I want to make sure you can feel it in your cock and your forearm. Today is your forearm day. Pump your cock and tone your forearms. Keep going. Keep pumping. I want you to do more reps with your forearms. Doesn't this feel good? I know you love working your forearms with me.Now my good boys, keep working those forearms and make sure you're switching hands to work both sides. Faster. Harder. Keep working your cock and your forearm. And the closer and closer you get to orgasm, I want you to slow down, take a deep breath, and then go a little slower. And then when you feel ready, pick up the pace again. I want you to practice this every day. This is your new conditioning. This is what you're going to do all the time. Good boy. Now remember, no cumming.
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