ServeGoddessD - Bondage Wrestling Challenge

Categories: Bondage
Date: 11 January 2023
Time: 00:16:40
Video: mp4 | 1920*1080
Size: 970,28 MB
In this unique wrestling clip, dummy is in for quite the new challenge. He notices there's rope all over the mat and seems confused.Having already wrestled Madison before, the challenge was already significant enough. So you can imagine how screwed he was the moment Madison expertly overpowered him, pulled him into holds and then took away use of each limb, one at a time.What starts out as a lopsided but somewhat competitive wrestling mat turns into a bound and helpless victim just being subjected to all kinds of submission holds. Facesits, scissorholds and ultimately victory poses. Madison flexes over Her bound and defeated prey and leaves him there to struggle. He can figure out how to free himself or wait until She returns tomorrow!
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