Julie Simone - Submit to My Smoke - Smoking Head Cage

Categories: Bondage
Date: 11 January 2023
Time: 00:09:27
Video: mp4 | 1280*720
Size: 348,07 MB
Mistress Julie Simone has a latex clad slave cuffed to Her St Andrews cross. He is hooded and has a transparent box / cage on his head. She attaches a tube to it, then lights up a Virginia Slims 120s cigarette and proceeds to fill his head cage with smoke drag after drag after drag. The smoke has nowhere to go but in his lungs. When the 1st cigarette is done, She lights up a 2nd cigarette. The slave is helpless and submits to Her smoke. Julie wears a latex dress, bra, corset and latex gloves. Shot in Julie's personal dungeon in St Louis, Mo.
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