AstroDomina - Santa Bitch Boy - Cum Cookie Eating

Categories: Forced Handjob
Date: 31 December 2022
Time: 00:09:41
Video: mp4 | 1920*1080
Size: 973,86 MB
Christmas is here and guess who came to visit me? Santa of course! What say we have some fun with him..Sydney has a new slave, but it's not just anyone. No, this time it's the one and only Santa Claus! He came to deliver gifts to her house because she was such a good girl this year, but little did he know it was a trap, and now he's tied to her chair with a leash. He's completely under her control now, which means SHE decides who gets gifts this year and every year from now on. The poor old elf! He was no match for her, and this puts your Christmas in doubt, but she does make you a deal. She's going to play with her new toy's dick and make him cum on the cookies in front of her, and if you eat them down then maybe, just maybe she'll allow him to finish his deliveries. That's right, all you have to do is down one cum cookie to set Santa free, that doesn't sound so bad now does it?She orders him to take out his cock and start jerking on the cookie. He has no choice but to do what she says, she's his new owner after all, and it's obvious she has him under her spell. He does what he's told and jerks for her, shooting his big frosty load all over the cookie. She takes it and presents it to you.. what are you going to do? Are you going to eat the cum cookie and save Christmas?!
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